Visiting the SAP Innovation Center Potsdam – Blockchain does not always have to be crypto

As the fourth largest software producer worldwide, the company also deals with blockchain technology. BTC-ECHO visited the SAP Innovation Center Potsdam and talked to Jan Schaffner and Torsten Zube about current blockchain projects. SAP is known for its database applications in industry and Bitcoin profit Lake Jungfernsee is primarily known to Berliners as a destination […]


The authors calculate the conservative value of at least 77.6 percent green electricity using a combination of qualified estimates and data on the distribution of green electricity in the strongholds of Bitcoin Mining. First, the study identifies the Chinese province of Sichuan as the core region of mining. About 80 percent of Chinese mining farms […]

Jed McCaleb: Five Use Cases for Bitcoin Use in Developing Countries

HOME PAGE CRYPTO BITCOIN JED MCCALEB: FIVE USE-CASES FOR BITCOIN USE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES In this commentary, Jed McCaleb suggests different ways in which Bitcoin enables people in developing countries to access financial services at low prices. People in developing countries: Early adopters from Bitcoin formula There is often speculation about the killer app, which […]